Discover reference projects of SGM Educational Solutions and brainshuttle group

Bahn AG


A framework contract allows for long-term and regular engagement with the client, each time redefining their needs and goals.


Web-Based Training

Interactive, innovative web-based trainings are the core component of our work.

Training Videos

The production of real-life video shoots as well as animated (2D/3D) videos are one of the two main components of our work.

Deutsche Bahn Tower Berlin

All Services Included

In the production cycle, SGM offers all services, such as graphic design, audio-visual recordings, animation, conception, etc.

BVG Berliner


Project-based investigation of technical solutions for improving public transport for the blind and visually impaired.

Model Test

Model Test

Based on a participatory model test, SGM evaluated the participants’ opinions on different technical solutions.

Tech Solutions

Identifying the feasibility of different ways to implement a system for reliable audio assistance in trams and busses.

BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

Sound Branding

Accompanying the project, SGM engaged in the academic and technical discourse of sound branding.

EIT European Institute of
Innovation & Technology


The EIT commissioned a number of e-learning courses for their target group consisting of e.g., ICT officers and developers.



SGM developed and produced online courses, e.g. on the topic of “Strategic Open Government Data”.


A whole software integration and multisite deployment process to edX and Drupal-based learning management systems.

EIT European Institute of Innovation & Technology

Content Creation

The process also included content development on the basis of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how.


International Volleyball Federation


Multilingual, gamified, cross-platform and corporate identity compliant e-training solution for strategic sports training.

Augmented Reality

In addition to 2D/3D visualizations, the app also relies on augmented reality (AR) to visualise any given scenario.

Robotics Assembly Line

World-wide release

The application went live in 230 FIVB sub-associations worldwide.

COVID – 19
Labour Safety Standards


In-house development in cooperation with the consulting company for occupational safety Nagel & Kollegen GmbH.



Web-based e-learning with knowledge checks and participant certificate.

Tech Solutions

Multimedia accompaniment for the roll-out, e.g. In form of this promo video.


University of Applied Sciences


Development of courses on topics such as GDPR, Industry 4.0, and Employer Branding in cooperation with eco Association of the Internet Industry.


With the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, SGM developed e-learning courses to highlight the changes in data protection laws for employees.

Employee Training

Further e – learning courses additionally covered the topics of e – invoices, industry 4.0, and employer branding.

Robotics Assembly Line


Courses developed together with the eco Association of the Internet Industry (eco – Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V. ).