Products & Services

Together with brainshuttle™, we have developed a number of products, which help us deliver tailor-made services and comprehensive learning and training solutions.

How can I deliver courses to my learners or customers? .lms

brainshuttle™ .lms is a modern web-based, platform-independent learning management system that provides learners with an easy-to-use, and interactive learning environment.

Our LMS solutions are based on current learning management platforms, which can be applied in various learning contexts – ranging from basic education to vocational training, academic education and industrial training

We are a knowledgeable solution provider for Moodle™, Canvas™, edX™, Administrate™ and many more.

An increasing number of organisations are beginning to see the cost-saving, productivity-boosting benefits of moving their corporate training online using cloud-based services. We adapt, re-brand, install, host and operate your LMS instances for you.

How can I develop effective e-learning courses? .producer

brainshuttle™ .producer is our cloud-based tool for the distributed production of audio-visual e-learning content. It is more than just an authoring tool, it also supports the development and production of content specifications.

brainshuttle™ .producer supports you from the development of QA-controlled learning content and production of associated media assets.

Such as audio, video, graphics, animations, interactive elements – all the way to the final delivery into a learning management system of your choice.

The underlying workflow runs fluidly via process documentation and is fully customisable to your specific context needs.

How can I offer engaging trainings worldwide? .institute

brainshuttle™ .institute is the perfect blend of academia and excellence ultimately aimed at corporate training.

We enable the collaboration and free exchange of expertise of the most renowned experts around the globe, as well as offer an array of locations to make the most of the training experience, both professionally and personally.

We can organise the complete set-up of your on- or off-site training.

This set-up includes accomplished lecturers, travel, accommodation, training programme, branded courseware materials and accounting.

How do I handle a large-scale e-learning course development?.workflow

brainshuttle™ .workflow is a flexible and modular set of processes and tools that can be deployed to develop tailor-made learning components.

It covers all necessary phases in the development of learning content and learning applications, from the planning to production, playout and distribution to learners.

These processes, our tried and tested tools, as well as our experienced teams allow us to quickly implement any learning component development projects for you and decrease initial preparation times.

You are in control – you actively participate in the whole development process.

Should I make or buy my individualised content? .shop

brainshuttle™ .shop is an extensive e-learning content library that provides up-to-date content optimised for interactive online learning experiences on various levels.

From basic vocational up to Bachelor’s and Master’s levels – which cater higher educational studies, individual lifelong learning activities, or professional training.

We provide ready to deploy e-learning content in collaboration with leading European educational institutions including various schools, colleges, universities and research organisations.

brainshuttleTM .shop contains adaptable learning units in various disciplines that can be purchased, licensed and/or modified by us to meet your individual corporate brand and requirements

How do I produce current, engaging, and interactive digital media? .studios

We produce your lectures in various brainshuttleTM locations. Our team is experienced in visualising content as well as event-based audio-visual documentation for industries, institutions, federations and medium-sized businesses.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and let brainshuttle™ .studios be your partner in creating your tailored media assets.

We offer studio productions, international AV team relocation, location scouting and the whole post-production process.

International translation and dubbing services for multiple languages are, of course, also available.