Professional Training in Restorative Practices: SGM and partners to launch pilot course

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ funded Project ‘TReP’ – Professional Training in Restorative Practices, SGM Educational Solutions is part of an international consortium tasked with initiating and launching the pilot course of this EQF level 5 part-time online training. 

Besides SGM Educational Solutions, the consortium comprises Solidarity Overseas (SOS) Malta, The Childhood Development Initiative (CDI), the Partner Bulgaria Foundation, the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology, and brainshuttle.

In its biggest leap forward yet, the consortium recently announced the launch of the pilot course, which is to take place in form of a virtual event on October 9, 2020. 

This launch represents another milestone for the project and embodies the result of the past two years, in which the consortium worked towards the creation and testing of the course.

“To be able to reflect subjects in a digital format, especially those that deal with emotional conditions and everyday face-to-face situations, is always exciting. This opportunity highlights the possibilities that digital knowledge transfer currently offers.”, says Janelle Kusch, project manager at SGM Educational Solutions. “What makes TReP even more distinctive is that it is the first of its kind within the European Union. We are not only helping to expand training capacities in a field that is socially important and equally sensitive in nature, but perhaps we are able to serve as an example for further national and international engagement in this area.” 

The main purpose of TReP is to propagate alternative conflict resolution and management procedures, as well as restorative methods to help prevent conflicts and minimise the occurrence of e.g. aggression, violence, bullying. TReP will provide learners with a thorough understanding of the origins, background and development of Restorative Practice, and will also equip learners with the necessary skills and tools to begin using Restorative Practices and creating a restorative culture in the workplace and community.

The launch currently envisages the following agenda items: 

  • A presentation of the overall project and insights into the TReP Regional Report
  • A presentation on the concept of Restorative Practices and its uses in practice
  • A presentation of the Course Outline – Level 5 Award In Restorative Practices

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