Markets, disciplines and learning contexts

Within the transition from an industrial to a knowledge society, education has become a megatrend. Institutions and their understanding of education changes rapidly on a global scale.
Skills are situational: problem solving is the most valuable resource of the knowledge society of tomorrow. Therefore, we are operating and specialising in new and rapidly growing markets of education from school level across vocational training up to University.
From the individual´s learning up to corporate training for companies, we are delivering continuous professional development to different and distinguished markets with our discipline/domain specialists that know about the challenges, requirements and learning scenarios in the differing kinds of learning/educational contexts.


SGM ENGINEERING creates an optimal vocational or academic on-the-job or blended-learning training programme using benchmark standards for assessment in combination with company and industry specific examinations. Customised e-learning programmes will be developed by content and hours depending on your individual needs.

Your company or organisation will be actively involved throughout the programme from the identification of the training requirements through development, delivery and assessment. SGM's international network provides access to extensive engineering expertise with highly qualified trainers to prepare the right courses for your trainees from the beginning to the end of the training and assessment process.

Disciplines cover ICT, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Green Energy, Production, Logistics, Building and Construction, just to name a few. Accordingly, SGM can even develop internships at one of our training and qualification partner's locations.

Trainees will be instructed in English for the workplace. Employment skills are enhanced as trainees can also be taught soft skills to instill the personal qualities, habits and attitudes of your future successful staff.


We have helped coaches, referees and players of all ages from around the world to develop a better understanding of their role and nature of their sport. SGM SPORTS enables you to teach everything from the core foundations to the advanced tactics of your sport through specialised online training.

Enroll your players, coaches, referees, and event organisers in an e-learning programme custom designed from your own content or content developed by renowned experts from our extensive network. We analyse, design, develop and produce content according to your individual requirements and create immersive audio-visuals, which makes the theoretical learning experience fun, engaging and motivating for the learners.


Demographic shifts and societal changes are intensifying pressures on health systems and demanding new directions in the delivery of healthcare and caretakers in Europe and on a global scale. We are getting older. Hence, ageing populations in both emerging and developed nations are driving up the demand for healthcare. SGM HEALTHCARE specialises in providing e-learning courses for continuing professional development for health professionals. As the population grows, technical innovations in mobile health (mHealth) will advance cost-effective health solutions. E.g. a homologated online course for auxiliary caretakers is already available. SGM and its partners develop workplaces for internships across various locations in Europe (practical training).