BGRCI Pyrotechnics Corporate Training

Safe handling of pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics offer a broad variety of applications: from the beautiful fireworks on New Year's Eve, to flares, airbags in cars, and even for diverse military applications. However, handling these materials can be very dangerous. Particularly, when the specific properties of these materials are not understood and their behaviour appears erratic and unusual.

BG RCI and SGM work together to provide the most reliable safety precaution: Knowledge.

In this educational film, the people who are handling these materials on a daily basis will learn what pyrotechnics are, what they consist of, how they behave under different conditions, and how their great force can be controlled and utilised. Step-by-step explanations accompanied by state-of-the-art video and animation techniques aim to teach people about the chemical and physical aspects of this class of materials in order to sharpen one's senses to recognise dangers before they pose a threat to someone's life.

Remember: Knowledge is the most reliable way to prevent accidents and stay safe.