We shape education!

The commitment to create new ways of learning
comes from our sincere dedication and belief in what we do.

It's all in the right mix!

The versatility of our team enables us to look at things from different points of view in order to successfully meet each customer's individual requirements.
We are committed to transforming challenging, complex content into unique and engaging learning experiences. We are open to innovative methods and emerging technologies.
Our international team of experts come from different specialised areas, such as media communication, new digital media, and information and communication technology.

Our Partner Network

Our extensive partner network in industry, research and education enables us to deliver leading-edge content, services and products.
Moreover, through this network, we have direct links to highly qualified academic staff, researchers and industry professionals. In matters related
to quality assurance and lecturer recruitment, we collaborate with renowned universities, colleges and international education institutions.


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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. HEINRICH GARN, M.Sc. Univ.-Doz. AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

"The SGM team combines impressive, serious competence in education, media technologies, IT and complex project management!"

Dipl. Ing. MICHAEL BUCHER Head of Shared Systems' Design at Fraunhofer IAO

"Everybody agrees that qualification matters. Yet not everybody knows or applies appropriate measures. SGM offers a vast range of approaches and solutions for any corporate qualification challenge."

Dipl. Ing. Mech. IGOR HUT Research/Teaching Assistant

"One can hardly find another company that offers such integration of cutting edge technical solutions, be it VR, AR or highly customised e-learning platforms and top quality educational content."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. STEFAN JÄHNICHEN Technical University Berlin

"I have personally mentored the SGM crew in a couple of projects. Especially the brainshuttle™ tools, introduced by SGM, which have eased peer-reviews on content quality and plagiarism checks tremendously."